Exactly how Liz Truss’s policies compare to many other applicants for Tory leadership

After a tough fought battle against Rishi, Liz Truss has been elected the Conservative Party’s new leader. She Truss happens to be elected the brand new frontrunner within the Conservative Party. Mr. Sunak might have gotten more votes from Tory supporters, nonetheless it’s obvious that she’s the backing regarding the Parliamentary Party. Tomorrow, she will have a meeting alongside the queen at Balmoral to officially start her task. It’s clear that the Conservative Party is split, with many users mad at Mr Sunak because he ‘topped’ Boris Johnson. It’s obvious that Truss is an applicant to lead the party, and she’ll take action aided by the backing of most the MPs.

A Fast Overview

Liz Truss is the brand new Prime Minister associated with United Kingdom.

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